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The Story

Since 1986, the constant search for the overseas style and street trends meet the skillful intelligence of Italian manufacturing to give birth to the premium brand MANGANO. From the homonymous name of the family that created the brand, Mangano was born and still exists near Brescia, in the well-known area of Franciacorta, where collections and capsule collections, with always new and up-to-date fashion contents, are designed at the headquarters of the mother company. 

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An Italian DNA that spreads all over the world and that from its showroom in direct connection with customers and distributors from all over the world activates personalized and tailored commercial services for any market. 

Quality, sartorial experience, and couture details give life to the MANGANO collections, a made in Italy product, well made and careful to design the charm of an everyday style that makes every woman unique at any time of the day. Skilled hands with profound artisan experience give shape to the innovative ideas of the Maison, because the close synergy between creative spirit, research, and manual skills in an incessant comparison inspired by the passion for excellence, guarantees garments of impeccable quality, immersing the wearer of a MANGANO garment in the dream of 'Grande Bellezza Italiana", the great Italian Beauty.

Brand Essense

A strong identity, an unmistakable style in continuous evolution that expresses new forms of elegance, tailoring, creativity and innovation without ever forgetting its origins.

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